KADORR Agro is a new direction in the agricultural development of Ukraine, established by KADORR Group. The company owns an elevator complex, situated in the Dnipro region, Piatykhatky district, the urban settlement of Vyshneve. The complex features an advanced laboratory, containers for long-term storage of crops – 7 silos and 6 hoppers, own fleet of vehicles, wagon and truck loading stations (rail shipping is conducted from the Erastivka station).

The Kadorr elevator facility complex is occupied with grain receiving, full-scale cleaning, drying, storing and shipping via road and railway on a year-round basis. The total storage capacity equals 65 000 tons (BBCA Bottom Silos).

Two truck lines allow to receive different crops at once (potential capacity of shipping is 300 tn/h (two lines, 150 tn/h each).

The complex is equipped with an advanced laboratory. It is fitted with the best European equipment, which delivers accurate figures, contributing to monitoring the quality of the crops.

The elevator is fitted with innovative equipment of the leading European and Ukrainian companies. Different devices provide a full complex of technical tests of cereal and oil crops within a short period of time.

In 2018, KADORR Group built a railway track near the grain storage barn, which allows transporting crops via railway, with a potential capacity of shipping equaling 350 tn/h (first line – 200 tn/h, second line – 150 tn/h).

KADORR Argo provides jobs, thus achieving a social goal: develops agriculture, raising Ukrainian economic figures; forges international relationships, providing the export of high-quality primary goods.